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Your music video is a message to your audience. It is there to entertain but more importantly, it is there to promote you or your band. However the music video must meet its purpose of promoting your track.  Music videos are a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced to promote your artistic skill. Here at Moo Man Media, we take music video production seriously. We think the video has to be just as good as your song and will endeavour to meet your needs with the budget you have available. Whether you just want to show off the band or explain a story, we have the skills available to get your music video the way you want it.
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Why get a music video?


Having a video shows people you are committed to you and your music. It tells people you have what it takes to be a professional musician.


Having a music video shows people who you are. You become an image, an icon. You or your band become identifiable.


Youtube is the second biggest search engine after the normal google search. Having a video on youtube gets you to more than 1 billion unique users who visit YouTube each month.


A music video can help you enhance the story of your song. By adding a visual aid to your song people can relate more to what you are trying to tell them.

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