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Corporate Video Production in the North West of England

Corporate videos are used to communicate with your current and potential customers. They can be helpful in recruitment as well as to train employees. You can even use them to announce new products and product updates. With our corporate video production service at Moo Man Media, we work with you and your business to promote the people and the products that your service offers. We tailor each video individually to each company so that you get a unique look for your business and therefore stand out from your competition.

Why get a corporate video?


People like people. If a customer can relate to you then it gives them more confidence in you and as a result increases the likelihood of them buying your product.


Thanks to the internet and social media, videos are easier to find and share. Many aspects of using social media is the bonus of free hosting. Your brand could also be seen by millions in a matter of minutes.


A quality business video provides a great way for your customers to quickly and easily understand you, your product and service. A customer who understands you better has more confidence in you, and as a result is more likely to make a purchase from you, boosting your sales!


Google now recognised that video and images are a better way for people to interact with your website and as a result reward you for this by ranking you higher up the search rankings.

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